Whether you've got a PhD or equivalent, or you're nearly there - it's a great idea to consider how you develop your career with your postdoc qualification.

During your early career you have been focusing on getting qualifications, gaining considerable research experience in the process. Now that you have achieved that goal - or are nearly there - there are new hurdles and considerations to tackle, such as:

  • What funding should you apply for?
  • How do you get support while developing your career?
  • How do you develop impactful research projects?
  • How can I work across disciplines?

And so many more questions about life as a researcher!

This page brings together a selection of resources focusing on all the things of concern to postdocs - including key videos and blogs from the recent #MentalHealthResearchMatters campaign.

Selected resources for postdocs

Check out a selection of recently published articles on issues that you may be facing in your work as a postdoctoral mental health researcher.

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