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NIHR Shape the Future campaign

NIHR Shape the Future campaign
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NIHR has launched a new campaign, working alongside the NHS, to encourage and support healthcare professionals and members of the NHS workforce to develop research as part of their career. These are not mental health research specific programmes, but are highly applicable to anyone in, interested in getting into, or wanting to support others to get into, mental health research.

The campaign has a dedicated webpage with several components:

  • Link and Learn – this is a time limited mentoring scheme, matching a clinical professional with an experienced researcher for a mentoring session to start networking and figure out how to develop your career in research. This is a great opportunity as well for experienced mental health researchers to act as a mentor and encourage others into the field – you could also make some great contacts in healthcare.
  • An overview of the resources available to work towards becoming a clinical academic – funding and avenues into roles focusing more on the research side of clinical work.
  • Details about and links to the Associate Principal Investigator Scheme which supports clinical staff on the journey to becoming a PI of a research project – NIHR will also be holding a webinar for this programme on 30 November, sign up here
  • A link to a 4 week online course titled: Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research which provides a great overview of the role research plays in clinical development, and


Keep an eye on Twitter/X for more events or highlights in the coming month – @NIHRcommunity and @MHRIncubator

Take a look at the launch page here and see all the details of what is on offer: Shape the future, add research to your career | NIHR


Are you primarily based in a clinical setting but looking to get more into mental health research? What would help you do it? Let us know via Twitter/X @MHRIncubator

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