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Mental Health Research Taster Days

Mental Health Research Taster Days
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Are you a trainee medic thinking about getting into mental health research? This exciting Mental Health Research Taster Days opportunity presented by the NIHR Mental Health Mission [] Capacity Development workstream is for you! Ideal if you fancy just dipping a toe in.

All FY2 medical trainees with interest in mental health research are encouraged to apply. You will spend time in one of the leading clinical academic centres in the UK and get a feel for what research in mental health can involve.

The project is supported by the institutions across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northen Ireland, and we will tailor your placement based on your research interests and geographical preferences. Travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs will be covered by the award.


The scheme was initially piloted in 2022 and proved to be very successful. Below is a quote from last year’s FY2 Taster Days awardee Dr Fiona Kehinde:

“I undertook 4 research taster days at the University of Manchester June 28- July 1st 2022 attached to leading Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr Shruti Garg. Dr Garg specialises in presentations of Autism and ADHD in rare disorders such as Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1). Spending 4 taster days with Dr Garg was an invaluable experience that I am extremely grateful for. Through this experience I was awarded a standalone 6-month Houghton Dunn Fellowship to undertake a research project with Dr Shruti Garg and Professor Jonathan Green at The University of Manchester. As a direct result of the Houghton Dunn Fellowship, I have been able to prepare a research article for publication and successfully presented a poster of my findings at the RCPsych Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Annual Conference September 2024. Thank you to the team for welcoming me into their research group and supporting me through this project.”


Applications are open now and are accepted until Friday, 15 December 2023, 17:00 UK time:

The application form can be found here: NIHR FY2 mental health research taster awards – Google Forms


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