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Writing retreat for mental health and addiction researchers

Writing retreat for mental health and addiction researchers
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Do you need some headspace to write? We at the Mental Health Research Incubator are announcing our first fully-funded writing retreat for mental health and addiction researchers.

Specifically aimed at ECRs who have recently completed fellowships or a PhD, the retreat offers headspace, structure, and a tranquil environment in which researchers can make the most of their own research and build their publication record.

  • Fully-funded

We are keen to support early career researchers to attend, especially if they wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity like this. All travel expenses to and from the venue, all meals and snacks during the retreat, and childcare costs (if you need) are covered by the MHR Incubator.

  • Dedicated support for writing

The majority of the structured 2-night retreat is dedicated to writing time (10 hours). There will be a range of places to write in the retreat centre – in shared spaces or individually, as you prefer. To help you get the most out of the retreat, there will also be advice for the participants on how to approach academic writing. Ahead of the retreat, attendees will have the opportunity to attend a session on how to prepare for writing during the retreat. The retreat includes an opportunity to receive peer feedback on your writing, tips and approaches to academic writing, and the chance to meet other mental health researchers and build networks in the field.

  • Balance

The retreat will take place in Charney Manor, Oxfordshire. We want to make the most of the relaxing environment, so there will be local walks, stretching, and structured breaks built into the retreat. There will also be the option to socialise during breaks and evenings.

The retreat could be the perfect place to make the most of your recent PhD or fellowship work by providing dedicated time to focus on writing up your work.

  • Apply

The retreat takes place on 9-11 September 2024, at Charney Manor, Oxfordshire.

If you would welcome guidance and peer support combined with a distraction-free environment to work on your next paper you can apply now. Applications are open now until Tuesday 18 June, 9am.

You can find more information about the retreat on our webpage here.

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