Your path in research campaign – useful links

Your path in research campaign – useful links
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‘Your path in research’ is a new NIHR campaign which is championing the careers of research-active health professionals. Although the content is mainly aimed at clinical professionals – or people who work with patients in clinical contexts, there are lots of useful resources we want to shout about for researchers who work in non-clinical contexts too. Here are the best bits for mental health researchers:

News alerts about mental health research

You can sign up to be alerted about the latest research studies related to your area of interest. For example, at the moment there are 121 summaries of mental health research studies – nice! Is yours there? Could it be? 😊

Contact your R&D team

At the incubator, we often advise professionals and junior academics to contact their R&D team if they want to get started in research. But what if your organisation doesn’t have an R&D dept. Worry not – here is a helpful list of contacts! https://rdforum.nhs.uk/rd-contacts-directory/ You can submit a record too if yours isn’t listed.

A free course – hurrah!

This free open access course explains simply how medical treatments are discovered, tested and evaluated. If you’re curious about research, this might be a great place to start: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/clinical-research

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