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We are a mental health research charity that believes research is done best when it involves people with relevant personal experience that relates to the research being carried out. We call this expertise from experience and integrate this into our work by:

  • Delivering high-quality, collaborative mental health research and evaluations
  • Helping shape the research of others, often advising on involvement strategies
  • Working to ensure research achieves positive change

We offer occasional funding through McPin or via a fund that we host. These include the Judi Meadows Memorial Fund, focused on depression and suicide, and Words That Carry On, exploring the interaction of autism and complex emotional needs. McPin are currently co-funding a PhD on the mental health and well-being of academic researchers and recently supported a PhD on the impact of suicide on friends and family networks.

If you are looking for funding for a project that incorporates expertise from experience and that aligns with our values, please sign up to our Involvement Bulletin where we advertise funding and other opportunities.

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