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Introducing: the Mental Health Research Community Map

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We’re delighted to kick off the new year by announcing the relaunch of the Mental Health Research Community Map: an interactive map for mental health researchers to find collaborators and connect mental health research in the UK.

The goal of the Mental Health Research Community Map is to build a collaborative, multidisciplinary directory of mental health researchers by encouraging anyone to drop a pin and share their research interests and professional contact details.  


Who is it for? 

The Mental Health Research Community Map is for just that: the research community.

Anyone with an interest in mental health research can drop a pin and connect with others. We welcome professionals, students, researchers at any career stage, lived experience experts – if you want to connect with other people in mental health research, then the Map is for you! 


Why should I use it? 

The Mental Health Research Community Map makes finding potential collaborators, co-applicants, supervisors, or advisors quick and easy.

Rather than trawling through staff pages and social media, the MHR Community Map puts all the important details in one place. Over 500 researchers have already dropped a pin with their interest areas and details.   


How to use the Mental Health Research Community Map

  1. Search keywords for mental health areas or specific conditions, methodologies, or research areas 
  2. Refine your search results by profession 
  3. Zoom into locations on the map to find people based near you 
  4. Contact future collaborators using their professional contact details or links 
  5. Drop your own pin on the Map with your name, professional background, research interests, professional contact details, and where you’re based 
  6. Share the #MHRCommunityMap with others


Click here to view the Map and drop your pin now!

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