Wellcome funding for mental health – May and early June deadlines

Wellcome funding for mental health – May and early June deadlines
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Wellcome has released new funding opportunities to help advance their strategic mission to drive a step change in mental health science. They are funding a broad range of research to understand how anxiety, depression and psychosis develop and how they resolve.

Their first grant call invites proposals for novel ideas of how to to intervene early to improve cognitive outcomes for those with psychosis. The next grant call invites innovative proposals for back translation that can help us understand what drives the resolution of anxiety, depression and psychosis in effective interventions.

Their ‘common metrics’ commission invites potential suppliers to advance the  use of core measures across the mental health science community and their final opportunity (for the moment) is a data prize that seeks to bring together multidisciplinary teams to explore existing datasets to advance our understanding of how anxiety depression and psychosis resolve both with and without intervention.

  1. Mental Health Award: Improving Cognitive & Functional Outcomes in People Experiencing, or at risk of Psychosis

This grant call seeks to fund applications developing and evaluating interventions to improve cognitive and functional outcomes in people experiencing, or at risk of, psychosis, as well as applications which increase our understanding of markers of cognitive impairment to enable risk or treatment stratification of people experiencing, or at risk of, psychosis. It will provide funding to individuals or teams from not-for-profit or commercial organisations. The preliminary applications deadline is 5 May 2022.

  1. Mental Health Award: Looking Backwards, Moving Forward – Understanding how interventions for anxiety, depression, and psychosis work

This grant call seeks to fund research into the causal mechanisms of effective interventions for anxiety, depression and/or psychosis, to inform (either directly or in time) the development of new and improved interventions. This call builds on Wellcome’s previous work exploring the active ingredients of mental health interventions. The preliminary application deadline is 24 May 2022.

  1. Common Metrics in Mental Health

This commission seeks to facilitate the use and uptake of common metrics for use in depression, anxiety, and psychosis research. We’re looking to commission a team to evaluate the properties, strengths, and weaknesses of selected measures for depression and anxiety, and to produce a toolkit for their use by researchers, funders, and journals. This team will also identify up to three core measures to use in psychosis research, and produce an evaluation and a toolkit. The deadline for expressions of interest is 5 May 2022.

  1. The Wellcome Data Prize in Mental Health

This Data Prize will bring together multidisciplinary teams led from South Africa and the UK to find out what works to prevent, treat and manage anxiety and depression in young people.  Selected teams will receive funding to explore existing datasets and be supported to develop impactful digital tools to enable further research. The deadline for this opportunity will be in early June.  You can read more about this opportunity and the Data Prize model by following this link:

Full details of these opportunities will be posted on the Wellcome mental health webpage.

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