Using decision conferencing to prioritise mental health interventions

Using decision conferencing to prioritise mental health interventions for implementation in the English mental health system

Study Status: Completed
Study Website: The Mental Health Implementation Network

Researchers in the Mental Health Implementation Network have previously identified seven broad areas of mental health need in England. Over six months, the research team conducted a rapid prioritisation exercise which identified interventions in six mental health priority topic areas: mental health inequities, child and adolescent mental health, integration of mental and physical health, caregiver support, and multi-morbidities including mental health and drug misuse. The prioritisation exercise included desk reviews and consultations with many different stakeholder groups.

Broad inclusive scope

The exercise was a highly inclusive attempt to ensure that the resulting list of mental health priorities correlates with perceived needs on the ground and focuses on evidence-based interventions. This methodological approach can be applied more broadly, not just to those in mental health, when rapid and tough decisions must be made about health-prioritisation.


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