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Mid-week roundup 29/05/24: events, funding, & opportunities in mental health research

Welcome to your weekly roundup of funding, events, and webinars we’ve shared with our followers over on the Mental Health Research Incubator Twitter. Here's what's coming up on the horizon for mental health research:

Mid-week roundup 29/05/24: events, funding, & opportunities in mental health research
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30 May

Advanced Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship (ACAF) Round 5

Opportunity: Post-Doctoral Funding - The NIHR Advanced Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship (ACAF) supports post-doctoral researchers to develop their academic career while developing their health or care career

Who's it for: Health and social care professionals (excluding doctors or dentists).

Organiser: NIHR

Eligibility: Applicants must hold registration with one of the ICA approved regulatory bodies.

Deadline: Apply by 30 May


Drugs Research Network Scotland - annual conference

Opportunity: Conference - Conference focusing on themes that emerged during online consultation in 2023, including: Harms and drug related death, treatment and recovery, legal changes and drugs as medicine

Who's it for?: Researchers or others working on, or interested in the above issues

Organiser: Drugs Research Network Scotland

Location: Edinburgh

Date/Time: 0930-1500 Wednesday 5 June

Cost: Free.

Public Health Research Programme Webinar

Opportunity: Webinar - NIHR informational webinar to support those applying to any of the current PHR calls.

Who's it for?: Anyone who is applying to any of the PHR calls

Organiser: NIHR 

Location: Online - Register here - select the call you are interested in

Date/Time: 1315-1430 Wednesday 5 June

Cost: Free.

ARC KSS Summer Symposium

Opportunity: Webinar - NIHR ARCs virtual summer symposium. Topics include implementation, health equity, and engaging with commissioners.

Who's it for?: This symposium is open to anyone including academics/researchers, commissioners, health and care professionals and provider organisations, community partners and members of the public.

Organiser: NIHR ARCs

Location: Online - Register here

Date/Time: 1400-1500 Wednesday 5 June

Cost: Free.

Navigating Wellcome's Mental Health Funding Landscape

Opportunity: Webinar -Wellcome is hosting a webinar for companies with digital mental health products to explain how companies can apply to them for funding, and guidance on their processes and policies. This is ahead of a funding call launching in July 2024. There will be a Q&A session at the end.

Who's it for?: Commercial organisations with digital mental health products for depression, anxiety, or psychosis. Companies can be based globally.

Organiser: Wellcome Trust

Location: Online - Register here

Date/Time: 1630-1800 Wednesday 5 June

Cost: Free.

7 June

NIHR ARC OxTV Internship

Opportunity: Research Internship - funding up to £20k for public health, health or social care workers to kickstart a research-focused career by experiencing the process within an established team of leading health researchers

Who's it for: Health and social care professionals who are in the Oxford and Thames Valley region

Organiser: NIHR ARC OxTV

Eligibility: Any registered professional working in the health or social care sector in Oxford and the Thames Valley region with at least one year post-registration practice experience.

Deadline: Apply by 1700 Friday 7 June

11 June

Doctoral Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship (DCAF) Round 5

Opportunity: PhD funding - funding for registered health and care professionals to undertake a PhD by research and, concurrently, to undertake further professional development and practice

Who's it for: The scheme is open to all clinical professions (excluding doctors and dentists). These include but not limited to allied health professions, non-medical public health, nursing and midwifery, pharmacy, social work and dental-related professions

Organiser: NIHR

Eligibility: Must have the support of an English health and/or social care provider, and an English University.

Deadline: Apply Tuesday 11 June



3 July

Apply to present at the 2024 SSA PhD Symposium

Opportunity: Symposium presentation - The PhD Symposium is a free annual event on 13 November in Newcastle for PhD students or people who have recently submitted their thesis. It provides a great opportunity to share your research findings and refine your presentation skills among a supportive group of peers.

Who's it for:  Addiction PhD students or those who have just submitted their PhD and wish to give a small presentation.

Organiser: SSA

Location: Symposium will be held in Newcastle, submit abstracts online here

Date/Time:  Wednesday 3 July

9 July

Create a successful hybrid working community

Opportunity: Webinar - focused on learning the best ways of creating a hybrid working community that works for you based on the needs of your role, team and life outside work.

Who's it for:  Anyone who is either a NIHR Academy Members/leaders or working at a publicly funded organisation which is conducting and supporting clinical research within the UK.

Organiser: NIHR

Location: Online - apply here

Date/Time:  1300 Tuesday 9 July

Cost: Free

10 July

Health Inequalities in Later Life- NIHR ARCs National Webinars Three

Opportunity: Webinar - NIHR ARCs national #ARCseminar on health inequalities in later life. Topics include understanding palliative care and dementia care.

Who's it for?: Anyone interested in health inequalities in later life.

Organiser: NIHR ARC's

Location: Online - Register here

Date/Time: 1300-1400 Wednesday 10 July

Cost: Free.

11 July

NIHR Advanced Fellowship

Opportunity: Research Funding - Funding for people who have completed a PhD but not yet been awarded a Chair, to cover costs of salary and research for between 2-5 years.

Who's it for: NIHR is particularly encouraging applications from mental health researchers 

Organiser: NIHR

Eligibility: Applicants must have either a PhD or MD and be hosted by English or participating devolved nation institution or care provider.

Deadline: Apply by 1300 Thursday 11 July

17 July

NIHR Mental Health Research Leaders, Round 2

Opportunity: Research Funding - Funding for up to £2.5m over 5 years to support higher education institutions (HEIs) with a strategic interest in undertaking targeted and applied mental health research that will be directly beneficial for the local communities and health and care system, who currently lack the institutional capacity to do so.

Who's it for: Lead applicants should be HEI's with little/no current research capacity in mental health research based in a high need area. Experienced institutions can support an application in a mentoring capapcity.

Organiser: NIHR

Eligibility: Institutions in England only as lead applicant.

Deadline: Apply by 1300 Wednesday 17 July

18 July

NIHR Doctoral Fellowship, Round 12

Opportunity: Doctoral Funding - Funding to undertake a PhD in an area of research within the NIHR’s remit for personal awards. Covers your salary and research costs for three years.

Who's it for: Clinical or non-clinical applicants. Clinical applicants can include up to 20% clinical or practice time as part of the Fellowship.

Organiser: NIHR

Eligibility: Applicants must have a First Class or Upper Second-Class bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Applicants without this will need a master's degree.

Deadline: Apply by 18 July 2024

23 July

Wellcome Mental Health Award: Neuroscience and mental health

Opportunity: Research Funding - Funding to tackle the neurological mechanisms of symptoms of anxiety, depression and psychosis. Research should be conducted my interdisciplinary teams.

Who's it for: Researcher teams in any discipline with neuroscientists, can be formed through neuromatch 

Organiser: Wellcome

Eligibility: Researchers based anywhere other than mainland China.

Deadline: Apply by 1700 Wednesday 23 July

24 July

Facilitated access to mutual aid for adults with problem alcohol and drug use

Opportunity: Research Funding -  funding to develop an intervention offering participation in mutual aid groups for adults undergoing treatment and support for alcohol and drug dependency.

Who's it for: Researchers in England who are intending to work with groups in underserved areas of the country.

Organiser: NIHR

Eligibility: Researchers working in England

Deadline: Apply by 1300 Wednesday 24 July

25 July

Wellcome Career Development Awards

Opportunity: Research Funding - funding for mid-career researchers from any discipline who have the potential to be international research leaders to develop research capabilities, drive innovative programmes of work and deliver significant shifts in understanding related to human life, health and wellbeing. Application windows opens 3 times a year.

Who's it for: Researchers who have completed one or two substantial periods of research after your initial training and made important contributions to their area of research.

Organiser: Wellcome

Eligibility: Researchers within any scientific discipline.

Deadline: Apply by 1700 Wednesday 25 July

26 July

NIHR Development and Skills Enhancement Award

Opportunity: Research Funding - post-doctoral level funding opportunity aimed at supporting early to mid-career researchers in gaining specific skills and experience to underpin the next phase of their research career.

Who's it for: Any postdoc researchers, but NIHR are particularly keen to see applications from nurses, midwives, allied health professionals, healthcare scientists and pharmacists.

Organiser: NIHR

Eligibility: Researchers working in England, but no longer required to be academy members

Deadline: Apply by 1300 Friday 26 July



9 August

The health of children and young people in contact with the criminal justice system

Opportunity: Research Funding -  Research question: What interventions have an impact on the physical or mental health of children and young people in contact with the criminal justice system?

Who's it for?: Researchers focused on children and young people and the criminal justice system, looking at either mental health or substance abuse

Organiser: NIHR

Eligibility: Researchers in the UK

Deadline: Apply by 13:00 9 August. Informational webinar at 13:15-14:30 on 5 June

Application Development Award (ADA): Digital Health Inclusion and Inequalities

Opportunity: Research Funding -  Funding of between £10-£150K for up to 12 months to support work on the development of a larger application and underpins current work on digital health issues.

Who's it for?: Researchers focused on digital technology and its impact on health outcomes, supporting many different approaches, including the impacts on mental health.

Organiser: NIHR

Eligibility: Researchers in the UK

Deadline: Apply by 13:00 9 August. Informational webinar at 13:15-14:30 on 5 June

27 August

Require further support with your Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA)?

Opportunity: Webinar - NIHR interactive seminars designed to support individuals with prior knowledge of EqIAs

Who's it for?: People who need further support completing an EqIA

Organiser: NIHR ARC East Midlands 

Location: Online - Register here - Maximum 7 places available

Date/Time: 1300-1500 Tuesday 27 August

Cost: Free.


26 September

Application Development Award for Health and Care Professionals

Opportunity: Application Development funding -  funding of up to £150k for up to 10 ADA's to help support work needed to submit a competitive research application for larger funding

Who's it for: Health and Care professionals: Nurses, Midwives, Pharmacists, Healthcare scientists and Allied Health Professionals.

Organiser: NIHR

Eligibility: Applicants must hold or be about to be awarded a PhD or have equivalent demonstrable research knowledge and experience.

Deadline: Apply by 1300 26 September. WEBINAR - 20 March 1000-1100, email to register


Doctoral studentships focusing on dementia-related practice

Opportunity: Doctoral studentships - fifteen full-time PhD studentships focusing on dementia-related practice in England with support from the National Institute for Health and Care Research.

Who's it for: Aspiring PhD students aiming to conduct research relevant to dementia - see the listed projects for more details on available topics.

Organiser: NIHR

Eligibility: See individual project listings for more information on eligibility.

Deadline: Differs per project but studentships will start in October 2024.

Associate Principal Investigator (PI) Scheme

Opportunity: Training opportunity - the Associate Principal Investigator Scheme aims to develop health and care professionals to become the Principal Investigators (PIs) of the future.

Who's it for: Healthcare professionals just starting their research career, particularly those who would not usually have the opportunity to take part in clinical research in their day-to-day role.

Organiser: NIHR

Eligibility: The scheme is open to any health and care professional willing to make a significant contribution to the conduct and delivery of a study at a local level over a period of six months.


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