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Wellcome Neuroscience and Mental Health

Wellcome Neuroscience and Mental Health
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This is some advance warning about a grant programme due to launch in mid April which will be of particular interest to clinical professionals working in mental health who want to take a neuroscience based approach to their research.

The scheme has a novel matchmaking approach and is focused on tackling anxiety, depression and/or psychosis and seems like a great opportunity to combine clinical research with bench science.

Whilst the application for the grant wont be live for a few more weeks, there is a bit of work you have to do for the matchmaking part before that time – so read on for more info!

Collaborative approach

This funding is a little different to many other schemes – it is using Neuromatch to create collaborations between neuroscientists and mental health researchers ahead of a grant submission.

Interested researchers submit a short project proposal to the system and then Neuromatch link up neuroscientists to clinical researchers in advance of two online events to introduce people. These teams will then go on to figure out if they can generate a funding proposal. The full grant will be launched in mid April so teams can be ready to go.


The scheme has some fairly strict parameters around the structure of the project and the team composition, details released by Wellcome so far include:

  • Projects must combine computational and experimental neuroscience approaches in cellular/animal models and/or human participants.
  • Proposals should include collaboration between neuroscientists and clinical professionals. This group includes (but is not limited to) psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, counsellors, mental health nurses, teachers, social workers and youth workers.
  • Teams should include individuals with lived experience of mental health problems to help shape the proposed work at every stage.
  • While the main focus is on understanding symptoms, teams should consider how findings could be translated to new or improved interventions.

Important dates

The deadline for submitting your details to Neuromatch, the first stage of applying to this scheme, is 16.00 UTC on 23 April 2024.

The networking events are either 16.00 UTC on 25 April, or 04.00 UTC on 30 April. You will be invited to one of these events if you are matched. Neuromatch do state that if you cant make the time you are invited to, you will be provided with the contact details for you to reach out and connect at a time that suits you.


Read the full Wellcome announcement here if you are at all interested in this really interesting call.

Neuromatch has more information on their website and the form to submit your details to be matched with a collaborator here


Are you intrigued and intending to apply? Let us know over on X/Twitter @MHRIncubator, we would love to know how the process goes!

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