Pia Pechtel

Pia discusses her experience of applying to a Wellcome Trust fellowship.

Victoria Pile

Victoria discusses applying for an NIHR doctoral fellowship, what BRC funding is and tips on how to land it!

Mental Health Research Community Map

The Mental Health Research Community Map allows you to search for mental health researchers using your own search terms. Discover and collaborate with researchers who are working in your areas of interest in organisations near you.

STEP 1 What mental health area or methodology are you interested in? Type it in the search box.

STEP 2 Refine your search by using the profession 'category' filter to find researchers with particular professional backgrounds.

STEP 3 Use the map to zoom in on your location and find out who is working near you.

The new keyword search functionality is based on content in researchers' profiles. Do you need to make any changes to your profile on the map? Use the red button on the right to let us know.

Drop your pin on the Map

Are you working in mental health? Do you have a particular research interest and/or expertise? Make sure potential collaborators can find you.

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