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Being a peer researcher in the UKRI Loneliness and social isolation in mental health network

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In our latest PPI video, two peer researchers talk about their experience working on mental health studies through the UKRI loneliness and social isolation in mental health network (LSIMHRN).  We’re delighted to share in celebrating the successes of the LSIMHRN. Their great work and achievements over the last three and a half years owes a great deal to meaningful collaborations with lived experience experts, particularly those within the network’s co-production group.

Jackie and Anjie are two such researchers for whom the experience of working as peer researchers has been a positive one. Back in April, we got them together with network coordinator Dr Ellie Pearce to discuss their role as peer researchers. In their enlightening and reflective chat, Jackie and Anjie talk about the range of activities they undertook in that role and talk movingly about the positive personal impact having the role made on them.

Careful thought goes into ensuring the experience of peer researchers who work with sensitive and personal topics is a positive one, so we can look to their work as an exemplar for continuing to conduct mental health research in this collaborative spirit. Congratulations on all your achievements, LSIMHRN team.

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